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Our vision at Forza Football is to make the world of football a better place, and available for everyone.We want to get access to all the world’s football matches for every single fan in the world. We also want to help bring about an end to both racism and homophobia in football. Today, football is dominated by the male gender both commercially and financially. We believe in gender equality and want to promote women leagues, teams and players with the purpose of providing access to women’s football for the growing fan base around the world.

A better football world for us is:

  • One where the availability of football is equal no matter socioeconomic background
  • One where men and women have equal opportunities
  • One where players and fans are not subject to racial abuse
  • One where players are not suppressed into hiding their sexual identities
  • One where the governing bodies are democratically governed without corruption


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World Cup

Don’t miss out on anything this summer. We provide full coverage of the Women’s World Cup 2019 in France.


We have the best database for Women’s Football which enables our users to get all statistics and results from each match, team, player and league.

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As well as being a live score app, known and loved internationally, Forza Football is simultaneously aiming to assemble the opinions of fans from all over the world and spreading it. Forza Football has all the features you need in a football app and more.